aggregates purchases, deliveries, and verifications of carbon removed and stored for +100 years. Our data and methodology is rooted in the open-source principles of transparency, community and collaboration.

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Data Sources

Purchases, deliveries, and verifications are sourced from private partnerships with market participants and the following public data sources. We have over 200 partners across the CDR ecosystem who are committed to providing transparency through the platform.


Sales: Can be both offtake agreements where no money changes hands today, prepurchases where all or parts of payment happens now, or sale of ex-post credits. This number includes purchases where volume or price is known. If only price is known, then the average’s price per method is used to determine volume.

Deliveries: the removal and storage of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Mostly reported on registries. Deliveries do not neccessarily mean that the credit attached to the ton has been retired.

Availability: the percentage of tons that have been delivered / total tons that have been sold

Price: the average known selling price of a ton of CDR across all methods

Total Transactions: the estimated size of the CDR market. This is computed as (sum of announced purchase price) + (tons w/o purchase price * avg price per method)

Price x Method: the average selling price of a ton of CDR by method


Suppliers: ranked off of total tons delivered Purchaser: ranked off of total tons purchased Marketplaces: ranked off of total tons purchased